How to wall mount your Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is one of our favorite smart devices. It is slickly designed and immensely functional as a smart voice assistant. The fabric outer shell makes this a device that is just as at home in a living room than hidden away in a corner somewhere. In this article we will explain how to wall mount your Google Home Mini.

Why you would want to wall mount your Google Home Mini

While we love the look of the Google Home Mini, sometimes its just not practical to sit the unit on a shelf or table. I personally have a few rooms that are very open concept and don’t have obvious places to put the Google Home Mini. At the same time, I want the Google Home Mini to be central in the room so it picks up my voice commands accurately. That is why I decided to wall mount it.

How to wall mount your Google Home Mini

By far the best solution for mounting the Google Home Mini is the Mini Backpack from Dot Genie. This American made device is essentially a little cradle for your Mini. The nice thing is that the Mini Backpack mount integrates its own power cable. You see, many super cheap Chinese alternatives require your to use the existing power cable by wrapping the power cord around the mount several times. This is tedious and annoying. The unit from Dot Genie simply integrates a very short power plug that holds the unit snugly against the wall.

The design works really well since the plastic mold wraps right onto the edges of the Google Home Mini, without adding extra bulk. The process of installing the wall mount is super simple. Simply push the Google Home Mini into the mount until the arms click over the plastic edge of the Mini. Then plug the plastic power plug into the micro USB on the Google Home and you are good to go. Plug the whole thing into a wall outlet and you have a great wall-mounted Google Home Mini

How can I get a Dot Genie Mini Backpack?

The cheapest place to find the Mini Backpack mount right now is on Amazon. It comes in black, red and white. Overall we’d say this is a great addition to a home that needs a central, yet inconspicuously placed Google Home Mini.

Dot Genie Google Home Mini Backpack: The Simplest and Cleanest Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Home Mini Voice Assistants by Google - No Cord Wrapping Required - Designed in USA (Black)

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  • The newest and cleanest member of the Dot Genie line of outlet mounts and the first and best for the Google Home Mini. Visibility and sound is improved - see and speak to your voice assistant from anywhere in the room!
  • Dot Genie created a patented custom plug with a "dummy ground" for strength that attaches to The Mini Backpack and holds your Mini tightly in place in every possible outlet configuration with the least clutter. The best wall mount! Even works on ceiling outlets!
  • The Mini Back Pack by Mount Genie installs in seconds and works with VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL outlets and does not block the second plug. The compact design allows for easy movement from room to room and great to take on trips!
  • Because of the custom plug, no silly cord wrapping is required during installation.
  • Requires a 3 prong outlet


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