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The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is an amazing automated vacuum cleaner which has been upgraded with wifi, Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant support and creative integrations through IFTTT recipes. Through these smart home protocols this Roomba is much smarter than it was in previous generations.

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Why we like the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Who doesn’t love the idea of all of your vacuuming being done while you are at work. This has been a reality for almost a decade now with iRobot’s Roomba line. However, only recently have these fantastic devices been made “smart” by connecting them into your smart home setup via wifi.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Alexa and Google Assistant support means that you can tell your vacuum to clean the house with just your voice and it will summon it from its charging cradle. You can even ask the system where your Roomba is and it will locate it with an audible beep.

Other Compatibility

IFTTT support allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff like logging the Roomba’s activities on a spreadsheet or starting a cleaning as soon as you leave your home. The options are almost limitless. There isn’t official integration with Samsung SmartThings or the Wink hub yet unfortunately but I have heard of some folks making work arounds by connecting the Roomba first to their Harmony Hub.

Extra features

The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is an excellent automated vacuum cleaner. It uses some pretty intricate technology to navigate your home and meticulously clean every inch of it. It has cliff sensors so it won’t fall down stairs or off landings. The Roomba app gives you access to scheduling cleanings up to 7x a week which is awesome. But I think the real magic is when you start working with IFTTT to create unique recipes to truly automate the system.


The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is a life saver for those of us that simply hate vacuuming. The addition of wifi connectivity, Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa support and IFTTT smart home recipes make this a truly compelling piece of smart home tech.

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iRobot's budget Roomba obeys your Alexa commands

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Specification: iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum



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IFTTT compatible

Compatible with IFTTT

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Voice assistant compatibility

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Not Nest certified

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The Best Robot Vacuums
The Best Robot Vacuums
December 18, 2017 - Forbes
iRobot's budget Roomba obeys your Alexa commands
iRobot's budget Roomba obeys your Alexa commands
May 2, 2017 - CNET

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5 reviews for iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

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  1. mamislade

    Great Assistant! The iRobot Roomba 680 is compact, sleek, easy to set up and just as easy to use. Included with the vacuum are the home base charging station, one line cord and one extra filter. To operate, just plug in the home base charging station and then place the vacuum on the home base for three hours. You have the option of setting its clock so that you can schedule automatic cleanings. There are three settings (high, medium, and low). You must clean the bin after each use. Once a week you should clean the filter and brushes. The vacuum must stay on the charging station when not in use. It returns to its charger on its own when the cleaning is done. You can set the vacuum and go off to do something else. The Roomba is a very helpful tool, allowing you to multi-task! It does a great job picking up dirt. It is recommended for everyone, including children over eight years old and other adults who can safely operate it.

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  2. scrappydoo521

    Great idea, but doesn’t quite clean it. I have tried this product for two weeks. The iRobot Roomba 680 Robot Vacuum is quiet, but basically only cleans on the right side or if it rolls directly over the dirt. I do have another brand of automatic vacuum cleaner which works amazing because it has a brush on three sides plus a rolling brush in the middle. This iRobot Roomba has a brush on the right side only, plus the rolling brush underneath it. It is extremely easy to use whether you want to program it for use or use it without programming. To use without programming just press the clean button, then the home button. Also, this iRobot has to back out, turn itself around and then start vacuuming. The other automatic vacuum cleaner I have, backs itself into the charger, so when it begins cleaning, it just comes out of the charger straight and begins to clean. Maybe I am prejudice against this product because I was given an almost identical product to review that cleans so much better than this one. I have seen on television that this product vacuums up cereal, dog food, etc. I tried all of those things with the iRobot and it didn’t pick up anything. Sorry.

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  3. momsavvy

    Time and money saver. We have a chihuahua and a cat in a three bedroom house with a large bathroom and kitchen and an over 300 square foot sun room, one house away from a dirt road, all floors are vinyl, laminate or tile. It is not an exaggeration to say that I spend over $40/month on Swiffer wet and Swiffer dry pads, not to mention the time it takes to use them. I deliberately didn’t sweep for three days in preparation for this Roomba review. It wasn’t difficult to program (or at least I thought) but when the time came and passed without it starting up I pressed ‘CLEAN’ manually and watched it start. Let me say this…do not program it to run while you are sleeping and if you can avoid it, don’t have it run when you are at home! Although it was good I was here for the test run, the floors were clear of obstacles but it managed to knock over the broom in front of the washer and dryer and get trapped there That aside; it is frustrating to watch it do the hall several times and the bathroom several times. The results don’t lie, though, this cleaned the floors very well and took an hour and six minutes. I won’t have to Swiffer dry often at all and it will also reduce the times I have to wet Swiffer! I am so happy with this. It is definitely a time and money saver!

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  4. MnM20072010

    Great household helper! My husband has wanted a Roomba for many years, but I never thought they would be helpful for us until we moved to a house with hardwood and tile floors. We also have a toddler and an elementary school aged child as well as two cats, so there is always crumbs, dirt, and cat hair all over the floors. Since I sweep or vacuum every day, I thought I would try out this Roomba. At first I was skeptical of its ability to clean properly given the relatively small brushes. However, I was really impressed with how well it cleaned up the cracker crumbs on the area rug. We have steps going down to our foyer, and it sensed the steps and cleaned right to the edge. It needed just a 3 hour charge before it was ready to start cleaning. I also like that you can set up the docking station in a corner of the house, and the Roomba automatically returns to dock once it has swept the whole floor. We left it running in the living room yesterday while we went out for dinner, and when we came back, the floor was all swept and looked great, and the Roomba was back charging in its dock. It is really very user friendly, and it even has the option to set up a cleaning schedule. This is super helpful for those with pets in the house. Overall, I recommend it for busy families, and it would probably be really great for older people who may find traditional vacuums too heavy.

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  5. REV147

    GREAT WORKING ROBOT VACUUM TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU! This small black robot vacuum did an amazing job picking up lots of tracked cat litter, hairs, dust, etc., in about 20 minutes, in my 100 square foot bedroom rug area. After charging a few hours more it was all set to clean rest of house. Took about an hour for the Roomba to vacuum kitchen, dining, living room 8×10 rugs, bare floor, my son’s bedroom, and bathroom very well. The side brush took off much dust from baseboards but also took off some white paint. Didn’t see any nicks and white paint came off robot easily. Dirt cup holds about a cups worth, and sensors were quite dusty when done, so need to wipe off with clean dry cloth, and clean brushes after each use, so it knows where to go next time 🙂 Make sure you notify all family members at home when using this, because even though it’s not as loud as the bigger uprights, one of our family members almost tripped and stepped on, because it made an unexpected turn, from living room back to kitchen. The super powered sensors make it spin all over looking for dirt, and went back to clean each room 3 times! For now I will use in my room, but keep in area so my cats won’t rest their heads on the clean button to start, and wake me up again. Manual also says to not put anything on top of robot because it could mess up the sensors. I would definitely recommend and thank God for newer technology 🙂

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