The best smart floodlight camera | Ring VS Netatmo VS Arlo

Overview: Ring VS Netatmo VS Arlo floodlight cameras

We love traditional smart security cameras but sometimes you need a little more light than what can be provided with basic infrared night vision. What if you could enjoy all of the benefits of a high resolution security camera with the piece of mind of a motion-activated floodlight? Well, this is one of the hottest home security products right now. Several companies have come out with combo floodlights and smart security cameras including some of the most trusted names in smart home tech. Today we are going to pit the Ring Floodlight Camera, the Netatmo Presence and the Arlo Security Light against one another. But let’s not beat around the bush. Our favorite is the Ring Floodlight Camera. Find out why…


Each of these floodlights offer a different feature set. This means that our recommendation is different depending on your situation. Obviously if you are already bought into the Ring or Arlo ecosystems then you are best keeping within those brands. But when looking objectively at feature-sets, we have to give the Ring Floodlight Camera the leg up on the competition.

Let’s start with the Arlo Security Light. This is your best pick if you already have Arlo cameras. This is because this is literally just an add-on light for Arlo systems. It can be paired with an Arlo camera and used in conjunction with it. So when the camera senses motion, the floodlight can also activate, giving you superb color HD footage even at night. At 400 lumens, the Arlo Security light is plenty bright for most people. But we’d argue that the throw of the light needs a bit of work in most applications.

Arlo Security Light

Pair the Arlo Security Light with any Arlo camera for a great security combo

The Netatmo Presence is a full-fledged outdoor security camera which also features a very good floodlight. The Presence is about as full-featured as you are going to want in a floodlight camera featuring full HD recording, infrared, 100 degree field of view, and local storage. That’s probably our favorite feature on the Netatmo Presence. While most systems right now rely heavily on cloud backup, Netatmo puts the power in your hands. Simply plug in the included 8GB micro SD card and away you go. If you want to avoid monthly payments then Netatmo is your new best friend.

But in terms of overall feature set we have to give the Ring Floodlight Camera the win. The Ring features HD video, motion zones, dual extremely bright flood lights, two-way audio, and a super loud 110 decibel alarm. This is truly everything you’re going to want to deter suspicious characters at night. Couple this floodlight cam with a Ring security system and a few Ring cameras and you are pretty much bullet-proof. We also love that the Ring Floodlight Camera works in very cold climates. Several of the other floodlights on the market really struggle when faced with freezing temperatures.

Winner: Ring Floodlight Camera


When looking into floodlight cameras you want two things: (1) a very bright motion-activated light and (2) deterrence. You want whoever is lurking on your property to see that you are monitoring and them and to leave. This means that a floodlight is not the place to be getting something subtle. This is where we love the industrial look of the Ring Floodlight Camera. It is more obvious than both the Arlo and the Netatmo. And when most people see it, they know they are looking at a motion activated light.

If you’re looking for something a bit sleeker, then the Arlo is actually a really good design since it can be paired with any Arlo camera. You can even use the Arlo Security Light on its own where you simply need a light deterrent without a video camera.

Nobody will mistake the look of the Ring Floodlight Camera. This is a security light through and through

The Netatmo Presence is an interesting design but ultimately it is just too unwieldy. Its tall profile looks odd and may prove difficult for many install environments.

Winner: Tie Ring Floodlight Camera & Arlo Security Camera


In our testing the motion detector on the Ring outperforms both the Arlo and the Netatmo Presence with its 270 degree motion detection field of view. The actual floodlights themselves are also plenty bright at a whopping 1,800 lumens. This is well above the 400 lumens on the Netatmo and the Arlo. Hands down, design-wise the Ring Floodlight Camera is best in terms of obvious design and sheer output.

Winner: Ring Floodlight Camera


Again, this is a bit of a subjective one. If you are already with Ring or Arlo then your decision is basically made for you. But if you are starting from scratch we can’t deny the sheer value in the Netatmo Presence. The footage taken with the unit can be sent to the cloud, uploaded to your own FTP server or saved locally on the included Micro SD card. This means that you will be able to operate this system at the least cost in isolation from a whole home security system.

Winner: Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence

Weird looking? Yes. Local storage? Yes, and its awesome.

Overall Winner

Overall the Ring Floodlight Camera is the best overall smart floodlight camera. It is bright, reliable and works in the most weather environments. It also integrates seamlessly into the excellent Ring ecosystem so it is a no-brainer for anyone who has already bought into the Ring cameras or security systems. If you’re looking for a camera that can also blind and scare the hell out of intruders with a loud siren, then look no further than the Ring Floodlight Camera.

Winner: Ring Floodlight Camera

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Ring Floodlight Camera

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Arlo Security Light

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